Playground Outdoors

"This is not your usual Manali location and it's all the better for it."

"One of the best memories of this year."

"Absolutely different experience."

"My pick of the bunch so far. Highly recommended!"

"The views are spectacular."

Playground Perks


wifi backed by 100 mbps enterprise-grade fiber


Dedicated Workstations


Unlimited power backup


Spacious dorm or private accommodation


In House Micro Cafe & Bakery


Community kitchen hours*


Meal plans at ₹400 per day*


Pet friendly


Onsite parking

*Meal plan includes breakfast and dinner. Individual meals at breakfast for ₹200 and dinner for ₹300. Community kitchen hours 11 pm to 7 am.

Plans & Pricing

Tariffs vary based on length of stay - choose your intended duration of stay below to see applicable nightly tariffs.

Dorm bed

Private room


Or choose a flexible plan below to use later

Save 10%


₹5,040 $69

  • Work & Stay for 7 days at a 10% discount.
  • Private room starting at ₹17,010 ($227) for single or double occupancy.
Save 20%

Weekation Plus

₹8,960 $123

  • Work & Stay for 14 days at a 20% discount.
  • Private room starting at ₹30,240 ($404) for single or double occupancy.
Save 30%


₹11,760 $162

  • Work & Stay for 21 days at a 30% discount.
  • Private room at ₹39,690 ($530) for single or double occupancy.
Save 40%

Workation Plus

₹13,440 $183

  • Work & Stay for 28 days at a 40% discount.
  • Private room at ₹45,360 ($606) for single or double occupancy.
Save more

Moving to the mountains?

Contact us for special pricing for longer plans (6 months+).



How far is Playground from Manali?

We chose a more remote area in the valley in the interest of living in the most natural setting possible, about 8km from Mall Road and 4.5km from Old Manali, halfway between Old Manali and Solang Valley. If being close to town is your goal, we are not the place for you - otherwise, get ready for a breath of very fresh air!

How is road connectivity? How do I get to Playground?

The road comes straight to our property, so most times driving here/taking a taxi/auto is an easy way to get here. The only time things get a little tricky is right after big winter storms, when the last 800m of our road may occasionally become covered in snow or ice. In this extreme case, you’ll just have to hike the last 800m to reach our place (we did say we’re an adventure hostel!).

Can three of us share a private room?

It’s not the preferable option. Usually we recommend you split your group between the private room (2 people) and a dorm bed in this instance. If it’s really important that the three of you share a room, we can provide an extra mattress, but the room price will be 1.5x the base private room price at the time of booking. You’ll need to call us to arrange this.

How do we stay warm in the winter?

We keep the hostel fully stocked with firewood during the winter for the tandoors that we light in the common spaces. In addition, we give electric blankets to keep you cozy in your bed too.

I want to come with my child, is that fine?

Children below the age of 16 are not permitted admission or accommodation at Playground. We’d love to host you, but we strongly discourage children and older adults staying at the property (even if you book a private room) given the nature of hostel life as well as the workspace requirements of many of our guests. Contact us directly if you are traveling with children or older adults and believe you would be a good fit at Playground.

Can I come earlier than check in or stay beyond check out?

Short answer, yes - usually. Our standard check-in time is noon, so while we can’t guarantee being able to show you your room before that time, you are more than welcome to relax in the common spaces on the day of your booking in the meantime. Same goes for check-out (10:00am) - we do need you to vacate your room or bed by that time, but you can hang around the hostel until later in the day if you’d like. This flexibility is always at our discretion, and every once in a while we may not always be able to provide this depending on the day-to-day situation at the hostel.

Work, Eat & Play

How's the wifi? I'm working remote and need a 100 mbps connection.

Our wifi is backed by 2 redundant, enterprise-grade 100mbps+ fiber links and a wireless leased line for backup. In terms of networks, Airtel & Jio are very reliable, while Vi has poor reception in the valley.

What's there to do around Playground?

Get outside! Honestly, we’re in our own little corner of the valley, so you won’t find many commercial activities to do around here, but you will find tons of trails (mostly unhiked by anyone but locals) to explore right behind our hostel. We also have lots of games & books at the house, a slackline in the backyard, contacts for cycle rentals, a TV lounge with Netflix access, and plenty of suggestions for hikes/walks in the area - including one to a cafe in the village above ours that overlooks the entire valley.

I'm vegan, do you serve vegan food?

No, we are unable to cater to specific dietary requirements. We have a small a la carte menu and a daily changing home-style vegetarian menu, but in general we are unable to offer vegan meals on request.

Do you have a cafe? What do we do for meals?

We serve a healthy breakfast and home-style, vegetarian Indian meals for dinner with a daily changing menu. Individual meals at breakfast for ₹200 and dinner for ₹300. In addition to fixed meals, we have a small a micro bakery & cafe with authentic Italian coffee, a small a la carte menu for munchies & occasional special meals.

Can I use the kitchen to cook for myself?

Yes, you can use the kitchen between 11pm and 7am. This is not a typo - it's when our kitchen space is available.

Do you have power backup? My work can't be interrupted.

Yes, we have dedicated workstations with dual power backup.


Will it snow?

Our guess is as good as yours! If it’s winter, maybe. If it’s not winter, probably not. We like to use two weather apps, Windy and meteoblue, to get an idea of upcoming weather - check them out!

Is it safe for women/solo travelers?

We like to think the community we aim to foster here is a respectful one. We do not have separate dorms for genders, but to-date have never experienced any guest feeling unsafe during their stay here. In fact, most solo travelers end up extending their stay, oftentimes by weeks because they say they “feel home.”

Do you allow smoking?

We do not allow smoking in guest rooms out of respect for the next guest checking into your room. You are more than welcome to smoke anywhere outside, on our balconies, or in our designated third-floor loft (inside).

I'd like to cancel - can I get a refund?

Yes, as per the cancelation policy for your reservation mentioned at the time of booking, on the reservation voucher & email and our website. Refunds will be provided in the form of credits for reservations made at discounted tariffs or in case of regulatory/administrative closures due to COVID-19.

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