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What is Co-living?

Your guide to what co-living is, how it works, why people do it, some of India’s best co-living spaces, and what co-living is like at Playground.

Is Working from Himalayas for Me?

Thinking of a workation in the mountains, or shifting your remote work to the Himalayas? Three questions you should ask yourself.

Why #WFH was Always Going to Happen

Work isn’t the problem – how we’ve been working that is. Life in a co-living space, and why we were always going to end up in this digital nomad lifestyle.

Discussions + Explorations

Where Are the Women Outdoors?

A climber, scuba diver, slackliner, and hiker – take on the reasons why women repeatedly find themselves outnumbered in the outdoors, how this trend starts, and just a little bit of what we can do about it.

Kullu’s Mask Festival

Fagli, Faguli, Phaguli – the mask festival home to the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh has as many spelling variations as it has origin stories and ways of being celebrated. Dance parties, cleansing of evil spirits, and decadent feasts await those who visit.