Playground Outdoors

What's the Playground?

We are a Himalayan adventure company and hostel custom made for getting into the wild. Rooted in the idea of holistic eco-tourism, we curate handcrafted & environmentally responsible experiences & journeys with the world’s most stunning mountains in our backyard.


For Adventurers, by adventurers

Founded by two avid explorers, we are for the people who feel most at home while exploring somewhere new - because we feel the same way. Like our name suggests, we think the outdoors is the best place to do that! Headquartered in the stunning Indian Himalayas (can you blame us?), Playground is a community with eco-travel at its core, pioneering the concept of holistic adventure tourism.

Power of choice

Everyone is different - so every adventure should be too. Whether you’re looking for extreme alpine adventure, a guided meditation/yoga course in the mountains, a community where you can stay long-term, work and explore, cooking lessons with our local neighbors or a moderate guided Himalayan hike - it’s all part of our Playground. One of those things your dream? All you’ve got to do is let us know. Have your eye on trekking and a yoga homestay? Combine them. Heck, you want to do everything? We’ve got you. Your adventure - you choose what it looks like.

Uncompromising on quality

Whatever adventure you choose, we hold ourselves to a level of excellence while we make it happen. We’re proud to run our treks and cycling trips with best-in-class equipment and internationally recognized safety principles, and that coming to stay with us for whatever experience you’ve chosen is like coming home. Safe, clean, authentic, unforgettable - this is our promise.

Two-way street

Do well for yourself and those around you - it’s as simple as that. We align ourselves with U.N Sustainable Development Goals. We promote inclusive, and sustainable economic growth for the communities we work with, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. We are environmental advocates, and follow LNT (Leave No Trace) principles at all times, committing ourselves to reducing our footprint as much as possible. We protect what we love, always.

Our Story


Hey there! We are Sarthak and Cam, the founders of Playground. You might not be surprised to hear that we met on the side of a mountain - working together to scout out and document new trails in remote Himalayan regions. One of us from India and the other from Texas, we decided it was high-time to combine our expertise in hiking, mountaineering, media and public relations to create an experience to share alongside other mountain-enthusiasts like ourselves.

Long story short, we know our stuff - having collectively trekked over 2,500km and cycled 2,000km through the Himalaya in the last two years alone. We might come from different sides of the planet, but we both feel the same about exploring as much as possible. In fact, we love it so much, it inspired us to open up Playground Outdoors with the goal of opening the doors to a community with unlimited adventure potential.